Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New with SqueakyBunz

Okay so first I want to say that SqueakyBunz have received rave reviews! It officially hit the market on October 3 and in Less than a month Squeakybunz have sold over 15 SqueakyBunz!
This is very exciting. Customers are sending in really positive feedback! Orders have been increasing due to the holidays, so get your orders in early for Christmas! Next I want to say that I am trying to get SqueakyBunz orders out within the 2 weeks after they are ordered. Unfortunately do to volume of orders, the fact that SqueakyBunz creator is working on a masters and is the mother of two it has been difficult! With that said SqueakyBunz are worth the wait and are leaving customers totally satisfied!
Now on to the new:
SqueakyBunz latest Tutu!
SqueakyBunz latest project and donation:
2 Onesies with MU tiger pride, 2 matching burp cloths, and onematching headband!
The set put together: One of the Burp Cloths had a pocket
This was donated for a silent auction and went for over $30!
Here is what the onesie looked like:
First official online order: Mommy and Baby Elephant
On a brown onesie with brown and tan, with matching burp cloth
I love this one! It is Africa made for a boy! It is on a light blue ones with giraffe print Africa andbrown heart on Ethiopia.
Surprise I had a giraffe comingout of the squeaky Patch! It turned out too cute!
This was a custom order that I thought turned out really well! The deer is solid brown with a brown and cream polka dot back. The patch on the bum is brown with cream polka dots.
Surprise: this one has a treecoming out of the patch on the bum! It really turned out and gives a really cute detailing to the squeaky patch!
The ever familiar turkey! With something new! I am partnering with a friend and selling beanies and headbands with flowers! I will include a picture of this on a little person so you can get the idea! It is super adorable!

SqueakyBunz with matching beanie and flower: $26
SqueakyBunz with corresponding picture applique on the bum $24
SqueakyBunz with matching beanie, flower and picture on the back: $34
Matching burp clothes can be purchased for $5

Monday, October 25, 2010


Winners ARE>>>

Shay: has won the tree!

Mims: has won the Candy Corn!!!

Tara: Witch feet!!

Okay please please leave a post or email and let me know your address! I will get them in the mail today!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And the winner is...

In less than 17 hours I am announcing the winners for the squeakybunz giveaway. You still have time to get your name in. Just leave a comment on here, or email
Between all of the different places to receive comments, squeakybunz has gotten such a great entering into the drawing that I have decided to give away more then one squeakybunz! This increases your chances! Enter now! I draw the names tomorrow morning!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Giveaway!

It's Monday and the Fall SqueakyBunz Giveaway begins! How do you get in the running to win?
1. Advertise the giveaway on either your blog or Facebook! Post a link back to
2. Post on here which one you want! Yes it's true, there are three to choose from! All three are size 12 months.
3. Let me know how to get a hold if you. You can include it in your post or e-mail
4. You can post once a day until the 26th when the giveaway ends!
5. I will randomly be drawing the name so the more times you post the better your chances!
6. Thanks for stopping by! While you are here become a follower of this blog!

Have Fun!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Red Barn

SqueakyBunz promotional giveaway starting Monday!!
SqueakyBunz are an all original, unique design. They are perfect for baby shower gifts or to spoil your little one! Again a patent is in the works, so you know this product is one of a kind. It makes a unique gift or treat for your little one. The applique on the front is cute and is complemented by a patch on the bum. The best part is that when your little one plops on their bottom, the patch squeaks, delighting your child and leaving you with a smile!

To order one just shoot me an e-mail: or post a comment on the blog with a way to get a hold of you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Squeaky Bunz

Welcome to the SqueakyBunz Blog! I am in the process of establishing an official website but it's a little more difficult than I originally anticipated. For now I will display my latest designs and you can order by leaving me a message. Sounds super official, I know, but I am hoping to get the web up and running. Until then enjoy browsing!

What is SqueakyBunz? SqueakyBunz is an all original design. I have designed onesies with a cute applique on the front and a matching applique patch on the bum. The exciting part, and the part babies LOVE, is the squeaky noise the patch on the bum makes. Not only are these little outfits super cute but they are a hoot for baby and family alike!

Upcoming events: SqueakyBunz debut at Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival in Kirksville, MO.


Can be designed with any color scheme: $18


Can be any Color, on Any color of Onesie, Either Gender $18


Can be designed for Girl or Boy with any color scheme: $15


Can be any Color, on Any color of Onesie, Either Gender: $15

Witch feet

Witch feet
Can also be made as elf feet for Christmas: $18

Pink Turtle

Pink Turtle
Can be on any colored ones, With any color scheme, can be made for Boy or Girl! $18

Initial Letter E

Initial Letter E
Can be any letter, any color scheme, on any color ones, and made for a Girl or Boy: $18

Diva Shoe

Diva Shoe
Can be on any colored Onsie: $18


Can be made on any colored ones with any colored tutu: $18


Lady bug Material: $18

Can be any Color, on Any color of Onesie: $18

Skull and CrossBones

Skull and CrossBones
Any Colored Onesie with any color scheme. Can be made for a Girl or Boy: $18


Can be any Color, on Any color of Onesie, Either Gender: $18